Create, test and deploy trading robots without any programming
The Algo-Builder  - over to you!
The only constant is change

It is a fact that the markets constantly change. Methods and algorithms that used to work before, they don't anymore. Why? Because the market participants change the very market they are participating in. And the introduction of algorithms is adding to the complexity and volatility of trading. Any inefficiency will be quickly exploited and hence diminished.

What problem does it solve?

Because market behaviour constantly changes the only way to keep up is to frequently discover, test and use new algorithms. We provide the tools to scan forex, crypto, stocks or commodities and discover the algorithms that work now. That way you can always be ahead of the curve.

What about cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have entered the trading world recently and constitute a new asset class with its own characteristics. They have a relatively short history and their own behaviour and sensitivities. The Algo-Builder empowers you to create algorithms you can use for trading cryptocurrencies.

Why is it so exciting?

Using the Algo-Builder you will be able to create sophisticated algorithms for MT4 and MT5 without writing a single line of code. Once you find the best algos, you will be able to combine them together to a single algorithm per instrument. All you will need to know is how to transfer an Expert Advisor (EA) to your MT4 or MT5 platform. 

Trading algos vs indicators

The Algo-Builder empowers you to create algorithms that trade on a demo or real account. Indicators can only give you entry and exit signals and suggestions but they do trade - you will have to do that. The obvious disadvantage is that you cannot sit in front of a computer all day in case a signal appears - and signal can appear in the middle of the night!

No programmers required

The usual process is that you come up with a trading idea, you give it to a programmer and after a few days you get your algo. If it does not work you will need to repeat the whole process. Unless you want to implement a specific and proven idea, the Algo-Builder will discover the best algos for you.

Does it work?

Yes. The Algo-Builder allows you to run extensive and sophisticated discovery sessions using your own parameters. It also allows you to use historical data from your own broker so you can fully simulate the environment you are accustomed to.

24/7 trading & your lifestyle

Trading algorithms can work 24/7 on your own computer or on a VPS (virtual private server - we can help you with that). It means that you can get on with your work and life without compromising performance. You have the power to control your trading, not for the trading to control you. You will have freedom.

How does it work?

At its core the Algo-Builder is using a large number of standard indicators and searches for the best combination of those and their parameters and is using them for entry and exit signals. You can imagine the combinations are virtually impossible to do manually.

When can I start?

Now! You can start your free 14 day trial of the Algo-Builder below. During that period you will be able to discover, test and create your own algorithms and create combinations of them so you can diversify risk. If you like it (and we are sure you will) you will pay an one-off lifetime license fee.



Sample EA for EUR/USD, H1 timeframe





Sample EA for GBP/USD, H1 timeframe





Sample EA for AUD/USD, H1 timeframe



Key features

Create EAs for all asset classes

With the Algo-Builder you can test forex, commodity, stock and crypto algos (subject to your broker's historical data availability) for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Create basket of algos

The Algo-Builder allows you to find and select the best algos for a particular instrument and produce an EA that includes all chosen algos in a single EA.

Use your own historical data

The Algo-Builder allows you import historical data exported from your broker - if your broker supports cryptos, for example, you can use this data to search for algos.

Lots of parameters, lots of scenarios

The Algo-Builder allow you to specify your own parameters including test period, in or out-of-sample and discovery time.

Easy to use yet powerful 

Don't let the ease of use to fool you, the Algo-Builder is a clever piece of software with all the features you will need. Experienced traders will recognise that everything has been thought of. 

Monte Carlo simulations included

The Algo-Builder allows you to run Monte Carlo simulations of your algos to study robustness and sensitivities to spread, slippage and indicator parameters - fast!

See inside the algos

The Algo-Builder Editor allows you to see what are the entry and exit indicators and settings behind each algo. Full transparency, full visibility, full disclosure.

Most assets and instruments covered

You can test forex, commodity, stock and crypto algos (subject to your broker's historical data availability). Historic data for the major forex pairs included by default.

Sophisticated stats and charts

Immediate and real time charts allow for early visualisation of successful algos and collective performance.

Correlation analysis and exclusion

Clever exclusion of similar algos so you can concentrate on the algos that add value and have different characteristics.

Extremely fast and reliable

The data for the discovery and testing is downloaded on your computer so it is super fast and reliable. You can test again and again, no limits.

For experts, intermediates and novices 

The Algo-Builder is appropriate for all levels of trading experience. No programming, just serious discovering capabilities. Use Sharpe ratio, maximum drawdown and other indicator to sort best algos.

Risk Management included

Trailing and fixed stop losses and take profits levels are included to manage risk. And of course you can specify when the algos should run and even close all positions at the end of the trading week. 

Easy to start!

You can start discovering algos in seconds. All you have to do is press "Start" under the Generator section and off you go! 

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